Various video clips of damsel in distress situations
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All video clips within this section and its predecessor have been obtained & edited solely from the following sources: television & video (SDTV, PDTV, HDTV, VHS), commercially available optical media (DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, D-Theater) and social media (YouTube, Vimeo), all of which are readily available to the viewing public. Furthermore, none of these video clips are physically hosted on robs-damsels.com; instead they are hosted at megaupload.com whose servers are based in the United States.

All persons depicted in the Movies and TV shows subsections are professional actors & actresses portraying fictional characters in officially sanctioned film crew surroundings. All persons depicted in the Miscellaneous subsection have at some point willingly posted their work onto websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, free of charge, for public viewing. They are also presumed to be portraying fictional characters.

The purpose of these video clips is to highlight the popular damsel in distress theme which has been prevalent for more than half a century on mainstream film & television, as well as recent independent outlets including YouTube. Absolutely no sexualization is intended. Instead, it could be considered of educational value to study such a widespread cultural phenomenon as displayed in this section.

In posting these video clips, no monetary gain or detriment to the producers has been intended. All visitors to this forum who download from the Megaupload website are strongly encouraged to purchase the original work from various retail outlets, or obtain a subscription to the TV channels on which they are aired.

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