Kelly Kelly & Mickie James, like finally!

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Kelly Kelly & Mickie James, like finally!

Postby Molly » Fri May 01, 2009 3:15 am

There's been a few WWE divas who have been tied up &/or gagged on WWE tv,
in recent years scenes have included:
Stephanie McMahon (hands & feet tied to Undertaker's T symbol)
Ryan Shamrock (see Stephanie McMahon)
Joy Giovani (hands tied in front & cleave gagged in trunk of a car)
Molly Holly (hands strapped down to a chair whilst unfortunately she gets her head shaved)
Torrie Wilson (laying in bed with her hands hand cuffed in front of her)
Lita (hands tied to arm rests in boiler room)
Trish Stratus (hands duct taped together in front, tied to a chair & tape gagged)
Melina (hands tied to her sides standing up as part of a WWE diva photo shoot)
Ashley Massarro (hands tied behind her back on a chair & cleave gagged)

It is my pleasure (and believe when I use the word pleasure) to introduce none other than fellow WWE divas (brunette) Mickie James & (blonde) Kelly Kelly to this list of WWE DIDs from's "Top Rope Theatre" series.

Kelly Kelly & Mickie James: ... -7/9826304

Enjoy! :)

I will also post here as many of the scenes I have listed above here, tho some scenes may be unavailable.

Stephanie McMahon:

Ryan Shamrock:

Joy Giovani: ... L&index=28

Molly Holly: (skip to 4:30 for actual scene)

Lita: (skip to 2:40 for actual scene)

Melina: (full credit to Alex McLean & impact wrestling forums & also for the following pics) ... 26/153.jpg ... 26/154.jpg ... 26/155.jpg

Ashley Massaro: ... saro_sport

Candice Michelle pre wrestling as bondage model: ... l-tied-up/ ... sts/807219

Now that is spurts entertainment! :lol:

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Re: Kelly Kelly & Mickie James, like finally!

Postby werewolf » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:38 am

There use to be a photoshoped image on Deviant Art of the KK and MJ scene where they were gagged with white cloth OTN gags that was so good it looked real.

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